200K Hunger Exercises

Hunger & Poverty Exercises

  • Poverty Simulation –  This experiential game is a fun but insightful way for groups of all ages to learn about the challenges of a family trying to make ends meet on a limited income.

    The game includes instructions in File 1, “life circumstance cards” with real life challenges such as a care repair or medical bill that participants use as they go through daily living.

    The life circumstances cards are in File 2.

    Finally there is a Powerpoint presentation the exercise leader will use with participants.  This Powerpoint presentation is labeled File 3.

    Download the three files here: File 1| File 2 | File 3

  • SNAP Challenge – the challenge: For one week, you must try to get three nourishing meals spending $5 a day. The goal of this challenge is to learn firsthand what it’s like to live on a tight budget.