A Four-Session Faith Sharing Curriculum

Written By Kay Kotan

Published by the Arkansas Conference Center for Vitality

Welcome to Unpacking Your Faith Stories!  If you fear the very thought of evangelism, you have come to the right place.  This webpage provides the resources to journey with a small group to learn to capture your faith story and practice sharing it.  Use these resources to create a safe place to join others as you discover, practice and gain confidence in sharing your unique faith story as God calls each of us to do.  Faith Sharing is an integral part of the Bishop’s Mission Plan, especially Next Step #6: Congregations will Grow By One in professions of faith, worship, small groups, and missional outreach. (Click this link for additional resources from the 2016 Grow By One Summit)


Using this Curriculum

Gather a group of eight to twelve people for a four-week adventure.  Your group may already be assembled (i.e. Sunday school class, small group, life group) and choose to work through this four-part series.  This may also be a great time to gather up and resource people from your leadership team (board/council), nominations committee, staff/ministry team leaders, evangelism/invite team, connection team, or hospitality team.  Additionally, this could be a wonderful opportunity to gather a group of people who have a desire to share their faith, but feel ill-equipped to do so.  These materials could also be on-going resources for your church’s discipleship pathway.  “Witness” is part of our commitment as members of the United Methodist Church.  This is a great teaching resource to meet this discipling commitment.  Furthermore, these materials could be coupled with a four-part sermon series and all-church study.

Download the Leader’s Guide

Remember, personal invitation with clear expectations is always a best practice for assembling groups.  Lead with “why” the group experience will be meaningful and worth the investment of time rather than only describing what you are inviting someone into.  There is no required reading or homework for this journey!

Choose a time that is convenient for the group to be fully engaged for sixty minutes.  While the materials are designed to fit into a one-hour timeframe, you may add social components to this journey.  For example, you could gather for some fellowship time before starting the class.  Just be sure to add that time into the commitment expectations for your participants.  Do not forget about setting up childcare if that is a need of your group.

Sixty-Minute Format:

  • Prayer
  • Scripture
  • Topic introduction
  • Video clip
  • Practice lab
  • Take-away
  • Action step
  • Prayer

Learning to share our faith stories takes time and practice.  Be patient and grace-filled with one another.  These resources are not meant to offer once and done.  We struggle with the act of faith sharing let alone the expectation of doing so.  Offering this learning opportunity on a regular basis will strengthen your congregation’s confidence in sharing their faith stories leading to an invitational culture for your church!

May you be blessed on this faithful journey!




Curriculum Videos

You may stream these videos from Vimeo or download them into a computer

#1 DISCOVER:  Live life fully aware of God’s presence (Download from this link)

#2 CATCH:  Capture your faith moments/stories (Download from this link)

#3 SHARE:  Gift your faith moments/stories to others  (Download from this link)

#4 LIVE:  Live out your faith through prayers, presence, gifts, service, & witness (Download from this link)

Curriculum Downloads

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