Digital Accountable Discipleship Groups

Digital Accountable Discipleship Groups


United Methodist Men & Digital Discipleship

For more than 100 years, Methodist men have been gathering to study scripture, volunteer and be in community with one another. Throughout those years, men’s ministry has evolved to meet the needs of men in local churches; today, John Wesley is offering direction for the next step.

To learn more about this new take on an old concept, go to or view the video above.


Digital Discipleship from UM Men

“Combining Wesley’s Class Meeting with Technology”

Presentation by Gil Hanke, General Secretary/CEO of the General Commission on United Methodist Men (PDF Download)

The General Commission on United Methodist Men has created a webinar to help us learn about a new way to reach men. Webinars are widely used in today’s workplace. Many of us may not be comfortable with the technology and thus we cut ourselves off from the very people who are missing in our men’s groups, the younger men who are NOT retired, but are still working to support their families.

The webinar was a combination of material on the vital role The Class Meeting model in transforming men in our connection, and an introduction to the technology that makes any of our meetings more accessible.  The presenter was Gil Hanke, from the General Commission on United Methodist Men, who participates in multiple electronic meetings every week, and who believes The Class Meeting model is our most transformational tool that actually makes disciples.