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6-8 Weeks from Launch:

Do you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus? Are you ready for a group of true Christian friends?  Join a Wesley Class Meeting!  Classes are forming now for an 8 week journey together.  Participants will learn about the tradition of small groups, share stories of faith, encourage one another in service, and be equipped to lead a small group of their own.  [Directions on where/how to register]


4-6 Weeks from Launch:

Wesley Class Meetings will begin soon!  There is still time to become a part of a growing movement in our church.  Join one of the small groups that will begin meeting on__________________ for eight weeks of conversation, prayer and fellowship.  There are groups that will meet in homes, at the church and at [local restaurant, coffee shop, library, etc.] at various times during the week.  Choose a time and a place that fits your schedule and expect God to show up!  Everyone is welcome!  Contact Rev. Pastor for more information.


2-4 Weeks from Launch:

Your place is still being saved for you!  Wesley Class meetings will begin in the next few weeks.  Check out the list of options for dates, times and places by contacting Rev. Pastor today!  These small groups will help you grow in your walk with Christ and form lasting friendships with other Christians.  Invite a friend and sign up today!


The Week of the Launch:

Wesley Class meetings begin this week!  Small groups of members and friends are gathering at the church, in homes and at [insert names of business or community locations] to learn, grow and serve together.  It isn’t too late for you to participate in a group!  Check out the list of groups available from Rev. Pastor, and get involved!


Suggested Email/Postcard or Letter to Registrants:

Dear _____________________,

Welcome to your Wesley Class Meeting!  You signed up for [Group Name] that will be meeting  [Date, time and place]  Your leader is [name and contact information for leader]I will be praying for you as you begin your journey with your small group.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Pastor (or the Wesley Class Coordinator)

Anytown UMC



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See Sermon Helps from Dr. Michelle Morris at the Preaching & Worship Resources Page

The first sermon series, “Home Improvement: Renovated by Grace”, focuses on a Wesleyan understanding of grace, and will then propose class meetings as a means for growing in grace. This series will use our recent obsession with home improvement and building shows as an approachable means of understanding this process, building on the Wesleyan concept of grace as a house.  The second series, entitled “Mission Critical,”  focuses on the realities of the 21st century church, and integrate a case for recovery of the class meeting within that series.





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