Vital! Planning


Plan your Next Steps for taking action and implementing VITAL! in your congregation:



Click to Download the 2017 Annual Conference VITAL! Workbook

VITAL! 2017 Workbook

  1. Get Ideas: Take notes on each of the Plenary Sessions.
  2. Discern Next Steps: Pastor and Lay Leader/Lay Member of AC are encouraged to work together to discern the actionable next steps and who will be responsible.
  3. Develop a Team: The Pastor and Lay Leader will work together to form a 6-member Vital! Planning Team by recruiting one person with special gifts and skills in each of the four VITAL! areas of focus.
  4. Plan the Year: Block in the times of the year your church will focus on each of the four areas of Vital! discipleship.
  5. Start the Journey: Follow your planning calendar to start your year-long focus on creating vital disciples.

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